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X-Wing Wall sticker


X-Wing Wall sticker

Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and Yoda are probably the most famous characters from Star Wars. There is hardly anyone, big or small, who hasn’t heard of the fantastic films that were created by George Lukas. The great stories about the good and the bad, loyalty, friendship, family, fighting for what you believe in and keep fighting until you have reached your goal have fascinated many of us. There are quite a few great spaceships in Star Wars, but the X-Wing must be one of the coolest and our X-Wing wall stickers are just as cool!

The X-Wing Wall sticker is a very important spaceship when it comes to Star Wars. Just ask your son – or husband – about it. And they will tell you that Luke Skywalker was sitting behind the controls of an X-Wing when he destroyed the Death Star! This X-Wing Wall Sticker is perfect for a kids room and your little ones will appreciate it every day. The very detailed wall sticker is a fantastic eye catcher and will look just as good above the sofa of a real Star Wars fan!


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