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Caffeine Wall sticker


Caffeine Wall sticker

This one is for the nerd, the scientist, the know-it-all. Or maybe just for the ones who want to fool their friends and let them try to figure out what this chemical connection stands for. It stands for – caffeine! The caffeine wall sticker is a fun and clever way to show your love, appreciation and dependency to the little brown beans that seem to be a daily life saver for so many of us! Caffeine wakes us up in the morning, keeps us sane during the day and is a great way to finish off a lovely meal at the dinner table.

The chemical formula is the perfect wall sticker for the kitchen or for above the dining table. It will wow your guests and will be a guaranteed talking point. It’s also the ideal decoration for the office kitchen, your very own cafe or your company’s canteen. The caffeine wall sticker is as versatile as it gets!

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