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Bamboo Wall sticker


Bamboo Wall sticker

When we think of Asia, we think of bamboo. The plants, that can get as high as 15 metres, are popular all around the globe, as they are a symbol of strength, resistance and durability. Bamboo has a long tradition in Asia. The Chinese see it as a symbol of joy and longevity, the Japanese are convinced it’s a sign of purity. Whatever the meaning is, if you like this magnificent plant, you will find what you are looking for amongst our large range of bamboo wall stickers.

Bamboo Wall sticker are ideal if you want to give your living room or bedroom an Asian feeling. This beautiful wall sticker makes the room appear calming and relaxing but also fresh and modern. The two strong bamboo canes with its twigs and sleek leaves are also fantastic to finish off your kitchen or bathroom design.

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