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Branch with a Bird Cage Wall sticker


Branch with a Bird Cage Wall sticker

To be free as a bird, to fly to wherever we want to, to do whatever we feel like is one of mankind’s biggest dreams. It is the idea of total freedom and being able to see our world from above. Flying from a tree branch over to the top of the roof of a house and over to the top of a lamppost. Planes give us the possibility to catch a glimpse of what it must be like to be a bird, but it just isn’t the same, is it?┬áBranch with a Bird Cage Wall sticker is a synonym of being set free to explore and live the life.

Birds that are kept in cages all the time eventually become sad and depressed. They are not meant to be caged, they need to be free and this is what this Branch With A Bird Cage is all about. And it also expresses the feeling we have deep within ourselves, the urge do to what they can do.
This gorgeous Wall Sticker consists of a beautiful tree branch, two smaller extra branches, an open cage and a total of four birds that seem more than happy to have escaped captivity. Give them a new home in your lounge or kitchen for you to enjoy every day!

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