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Lying Leopard Wall sticker


Lying Leopard Wall sticker

The leopard is a magnificent animal that can be found in many places like Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Sibiria. Fossil records show that they also used to live in Europe. It often gets confused with the jaguar, but the leopard is smaller with a lighter build. The marks on the fur are incredibly beautiful and a perfect camouflage for hunting. It can get as fast as 36 miles per hour and is sadly listed as ‘near threatened’ as a result of habitat loss and pest control. So we think our Lying Leopard Wall Sticker is a perfect reminder of this wonderful species that is worth protecting before it is too late.
This Lying Leopard Wall sticker is stunning. It’s eyes are georgous and the print of the fur is very detailed. It is a great piece of decoration for almost every room. How about above your bed or in the hallway? It is also perfect for an Asian of Afrcian themed room where it would wow your guests!

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