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Branch with Brids Family Wall sticker


Branch with Brids Family Wall sticker

Birds are a part of our everyday life. You can find them in rural areas, large cities or any other place. They are so much a part of our lives that we hardly notice them anymore. But birds are incredibly interesting animals, they are clever and extremely versatile. They come in many shapes, colours and sizes and each of us has a favourite. Kids usually love sparrows and eagles, while adults go for robins or magpies. It doesn’t matter what your favourite is, you will love the Branch with Brids Family Wall sticker!

Look at this lovely bird family! The grown-ups are sitting on a branch, complete with beautiful blossoms and shiny green leaves, while the little ones are flying around, surely up to no good! We love the little bird’s house that comes as a part of the Branch with Birds Family Wall Sticker! This item is not only great in a child’s room; it would look just as good in the hallway or the family kitchen!

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