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Butterfly Wall sticker


Butterfly 3 Wall sticker

Butterflies and children are a match made in heaven! We all remember how we used to chase them down the garden or the field around the corner, trying to catch them. We were fascinated by their colourful wings, their long, fine tentacles and furry bodies.

Butterfly Wall sticker looks a lot like the peacock butterfly, the probably most beautiful and most colourful butterfly that can be found in our region. It is designed to make you feel happy, comfortable and right at home. It’s a real eye-catcher and looks good in the children’s bedroom, the kitchen or even the bathroom. Add a splash of colour to your home by allowing these fantastic creatures to brighten up your home!

Butterfly Wall sticker can also be combined with other butterfly wall stickers or what about transforming one of your walls into a paradise for flowers and butterflies?


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