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Refreshing Fruit – Panorama – Kitchen Splashback


Refreshing Fruit - Panorama - Kitchen Splashback

If you are looking for something special to brighten up your kitchen, then look no further! We have all the splash backs you could wish for, for example this superb Refreshing Fruit – Panorama – Kitchen Splashback! This photograph was taken at the perfect moment, just when the crisp fruits touch the surface of the water. Strawberries, apples, pears and more in fantastic colours fall into the water to create an extraordinary picture that will look great in any kitchen!

This stylish and colourful Refreshing Fruit Panorama Kitchen Splash back is not only cool, but also extremely practical! It can be fitted as a splash back throughout your whole kitchen or be used as an eye-catcher behind the sink or stove. The heat resistant glass is easy to clean with ordinary glass cleaner and can be attached in multiple ways. Make the most of your kitchen and wow your guests!

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