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Colourful Spoons – Panorama – Kitchen Splashback


Colourful Spoons - Panorama - Kitchen Splashback

Spoons can be found in any kitchen all around the globe. They are a vital kitchen utensil for many dishes and are very helpful when cooking. Many measurements are given in tea spoon and table spoon units, so we all need them in our kitchen! The antecessors of the spoon go way back to the ancient Egyptians and there have been many different shapes out of even more materials. But they all have one thing in common  – they have a little bowl where food and fluids can be collected, which ultimately qualifies them as spoons!

Colourful Spoons – Panorama – Kitchen Splashback would look amazing in a plain, modern kitchen! It is sophisticated, stylish and trendy, making it the perfect splash of colour you might be looking for. Five plastic spoons in different colours, put down and photographed against a black background – the simplest things sometimes turn into the most amazing sights!

So, what do you think ?