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Dried Herbs – Kitchen Splashback



Herbs are an essential ingredient of many dishes. Pasta, soup, pizza or Christmas stuffing – herbs are important to achieve the perfect taste and they look great, too. The Dried Herbs Kitchen Splash back is a fantastic piece of decoration that will not only brighten up your kitchen, but will also inspire you to get the pots on the stove and get cooking! The different types of dried herbs on this stunning photograph are hanging upside down in front of a wooden wall and the colours go perfectly together. Many shades of green, brown and even some orange mixed up with the greyish colour of the wood come together to create a superb touch of colour for your kitchen!

The heat resistant glass is easy to attach to your wall behind the stove or sink. You can also order our stainless steel clamp wall fixings so make this job even easier. The Dried Herbs Kitchen Splashback can be cleaned with any ordinary glass cleaner and comes in two different sizes.

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