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Olive Oil – Kitchen Splashback


Olive Oil - Kitchen Splashback

Olive oil is such a versatile item! People from all around the globe use it as an ingredient in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, soaps and also to power traditional oil lamps. So although it can be used for many things, it is most commonly used in cooking. Wether you fry your meat in it, pour it over your humus or drizzle is over your salad – olive oil simply tastes good and although Greece is probably best known as a producer, there are many other countries where is it grown, like Italy, Spain or Turkey.

The Olive Oil Kitchen Splashback is a classy and pretty at the same time. The clear bottle with the olive oil in a lush and saturated colour looks superb and the olive tree branch gives it an authentic look, while keeping the focus on the flask. It can go in pretty much any kitchen and the heat glass is ideal for behind the stove.

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