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Splashing Peppers – Panorama – Kitchen Splashback



Peppers, or bell peppers as they are also known, are native to Mexico, Central America and northern South America, although they are grown in many countries now, due to the huge demand. China is the largest producer nowadays. They come in a large range of colours, some of them are orange, vanilla white and purple, but we mainly know them in red, yellow and green. They are a good source for antioxidants and vitamin C. They can be found in dishes from almost any country because they are incredibly versatile and can be cooked in many different ways.

The Splashing Peppers Panorama Kitchen Splashback is perfect if you are looking for something fun and colourful to brighten up your kitchen. The photograph was taken at the exact right moment, just when the peppers touched the surface of the water and created a superb splash. The heat resistant glass is not only easy to clean, but also very stylish, making the Splashing Peppers Panorama Kitchen Splashback a real eye catcher in your kitchen!

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