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Professional Baker – Kitchen Splashback


Professional Baker - Kitchen Splashback

This super cute Professional Baker Kitchen Splash back will put a smile on your face whenever you are in your kitchen! The lovely baby in a bakers outfit with its face full of flour is just adorable. All the other items on the picture have been selected and displayed in the perfect lighting. The broken bread, the bottle of milk the apples and the bowl of flower for the little baby to play with! The photographs colours are limited to different shades of brown and white, with a hint of colour from the apples. So whether you are a passionate baker or not – you will love this splash back!

If you are looking for a new, special splash back for your kitchen, then the Professional Baker Kitchen might the just what you are looking for! A stunning photograph that will make your and your guests hearts jump for joy! The heat resistant glass is so easy to clean and will last you a long time!

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