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Yoda 3D Wall sticker


Yoda 3D Wall sticker

We all know at least one person who is obsessed with Star Wars. And why wouldn’t they be? The catching story lines and great acting combined with spaceships, foreign planets and exiting fights are a perfect recipe for young and old, girls and boys. But let’s face it – it’s usually the guys who just love Star Wars. From the middle-aged man who grew up with the films, to the 4 year old who just discovered this fantastic new world and wants nothing more than his very own laser sword.

Yoda was a Jedi-master and he was the one who educated and trained Luke Skywalker. He is full of wisdom and always finds the right words. This great Yoda 3D wall sticker is perfect for every fan! The 3D effect is simply amazing and will wow every visitor! It’s the ideal decoration for the room of a young Yoda and Star Wars fan, but will also look superb in the movie corner of your living room.

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