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Wave – Photo Wallpaper


Wave - Photo Wallpaper

When you go to the beach all you want to hear is the screams of the seagulls and the noise the waves make when they break. This sizzling and whooshing sound are a vital part of being at the seaside, no matter if you are standing on a rocky beach in windy Scotland or a hot sandy beach in the Caribbean. Waves are a lot of fun as well! Surfers love to ride them and everyone is on the lookout for the big one. But these huge and powerful masses of water are also great to just look at when they rise up, bend over and finally break on the beach.
Are you looking for a fresh new wallpaper to brighten up your hallway? Or are you even a keen surfer yourself? Whatever the reason – you will love the Wave Photo Wallpaper and so will your family members and guests! This photograph was captured at the perfect moment and the colour is simply stunning! You can also chose between self-adhesive vinyl wallpaper or fleece wallpaper to achieve the look and feel that you are after!

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