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Brick Wall – Fleece Wallpaper


Brick Wall - Fleece Wallpaper (Roll)

Brick walls used to be connected in people’s heads with old or abandoned buildings. They felt cold and unwelcoming. But the attitude towards brick walls has changed a lot recently! Many buildings, even new ones, are build with exposed stonewalls and brick walls. They are cool, fashionable and stylish! The Brick Wall Fleece Wallpaper is an easy and cost effective way to make your home look and feel great! The bricks in a red sandstone style look as fantastic in kitchen as they look in a lounge or hallway.

The photograph was taken with a very high resolution, so the brick wall looks almost real and you will be pleased with your choice every time you walk into your home! Red sand stone is timeless, accommodates any taste and style and is as trendy as it gets! It is a real eye catcher without the hassle of real re-decorating.

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