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Style it with Shelves for Living room Wall Decor



Among all the ideas that we’ve discussed so far, Style it with Shelves for Living room Wall Decor one that caters to utility, along with serving the purpose of upping the aesthetic appeal of the walls. The monotonous look of a blank wall can be improved considerably, just by installing a few stylish shelves. The image to the left shows wall-mounted shelves, while we can see a grid shelf in the other image. No matter which design you choose, just make sure you stay away from the humdrum, and you’ll be successful in designing a new look for the walls of your room. Do not use the shelves to stack books and DVDs only. Instead, place interesting objects such as a lovely photo frame or a flower vase with fresh flowers. A grid shelf can be conveniently used to display unique items in your personal collection, such as sports memorabilia.

Source: buzzle

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