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Black and white wall decoration

Just need a little something to brighten up a small boring part of your bedroom? This black and white damask print switchplate will add some interest and give a finished look to your entire room. Source: etsy


baby shower wall decorations

Baby shower wall decorations are cute like this fancy pink and black ‘it’s a girl’ banner with bows by ParkersPrints. Source: etsy


Fanned Paper Wall Decoration

Vintage chic fanned paper wall decorations are a great addition to any vintage chic birthday party, especially a girl birthday! It can also lit up your living room with vibrance. Source: etsy


Modern wall hanging

Modern wall hanging made from hundreds of strips of acid free quilling paper rolled and glued together using quilling techniques. Source: etsy


Pokemon Card wall decoration

These cute handmade Pokemon cut-outs are perfect for any Pokefan to create the full Pokemon experience around your room, or for a gift for a Pokemon collector you may know. Source: etsy  


Crochet Bunting Garland wall decor

Do you love bunting? This cute garland is perfect for embellishment your wall, baby shower, nursery decoration…, or just have it in that special place as a treasure. Sourc: etsy


Tissue Paper Pom Pom wall Decals

These cheerful and whimsical two-toned pom-pom flower stick -on’s that will add a wonderful element to a nursery, children’s room, gifts, birthdays, and many more! Source: etsy


Rustic Wall Decor

This decoration object is used for the kitchen in “rustic” style. A wooden board is made from eco-friendly wood. This board will decorate your kitchen and create a pleasant home atmosphere. Source: etsy


Floral wall art

This dry flower or handmade wall art floral set is designed for a living room and a hallway. It gives a vintage and rustic natural feel to the interiors. Source: etsy