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Magical Mirrors for Wall Decor



“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” Remember the fairy tale in which Snow White’s stepmother has conversations with her mirror? While they don’t make magical mirrors these days, when it comes to home decor, mirrors can really work like magic! When placed strategically, to begin with, they can effectively create the illusion of a bigger room. And who needs artwork for a beautiful room, when you can use mirrors to reflect its beauty on the walls? where we can see reflections of parts of the room in the small mirrors placed on the wall above the bed. Another way to play with mirrors is to allow a large mirror, which is embellished with a vintage frame, to be the focus of the room (as shown in the other image). Make sure you place theĀ Magical Mirrors for Wall Decor in such a way that maximum amount of light gets reflected, thus brightening up the room.
Source: buzzle

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