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Multicolored garland wall decoration

Multicolored garland wall decoration is simplest to create and looks stunningly cute on a blank wall. The piece in picture consists of round paper 5 cm in diameter, hand-sewn with white thread. Randomly selected colored paper in pale pink, lime green, blue gray, mottled Grey. Source: etsy


Jungle animals wall decal

How amazing jungle animals decal it is! It is best decor for kid’s room and they are all individual so you can stick them on any flat surface.You can buy several different style jungle tree design to combine a large animals world wall decor . Source: etsy


Photo Clock Wall Art

Using any ordinary wall clock machinery & some nice photographs you can create this beautiful photo clock wall art. Get the directions here. If you don’t have a printer, the PostalPix app will print photos from your phone inexpensively. Source: buzz


Constellation wall art

This constellation style wall art looks stunning in a room. Poke holes into the canvas in a random constellation pattern and then stick the bulbs of the string lights through the holes. Source: buzzfeed


Yarn wall art

Put those scraps of yarn to good use. Pile them inside a glass framed rectangular or square box for a beautiful yarn wall art. Source: buzzfeed


Shoe Box wall art

For an oustanding piece of wall art, that too DIY & cheap; spray paint the inside of a shoebox to display lightweight items. Boxes lined with pretty paper looks lovely, as well. Source: Buzzfeed


Lego wall art

This creative wall decal / sticker will brighten up kids room who loves Lego. It also gives an idea to use lego pieces for a fine piece of art as wall decoration, that too unique & your own. Enjoy creating wall art with your favorite lego. Source: etsy


Geometrical Patterns Wall Art

Set of three stretched canvas with three different geometrical patterns in bright colors is perfect for your child’s nursery, playroom or any other room in the house. Source :etsy


Beautiful butterfly wall art

This butterfly brings life to your room and wall decoration. Wall decals and wall stickers are ideal for this type of random trendy wall art. Light and dark shades of same color bring life to this decore. Source:wall-art