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Hanky Wall Art

It’s hard to beat the funky retro patterns found in old handkerchiefs. Put them to good use on your walls. We used mat board and cut-to-size glass (your local hardware store can cut glass for you), then displayed them in groupings of like colors. Source: meredith


Natural Leaf Wall Art

This is a smart Natural Leaf Wall Art that will lit up a room. Use different types of dried leaves, coat them with acrylic spray & sandwich between glass frames. Such a lovely feel they’ll give to the room. Source: bhg


Pretty Floral Wall Art

You’d be surprised how beautiful close-up photos of flowers can be–even the snapshots you take with your own digital camera. Take your favorite flower images, have them enlarged to enhance the details, and get them printed on canvas, rather than photo paper. Source: meredith


Swirl Wall Art

Decorative swirls of circles can be made out of wall decals, stickers, fabric or paper. They swirl in 2 directions. A great way to add some flair to a large area of wall. Source: etsy


Tree Kids room wall decal

Kids room wall art tree decal are ideal for any size room. They’ll make the walls appear a bit large and lively. Source: etsy


Cartoon Wall Art

Fun dragonfly buddies as wall art in kids room will look great. They might livenup your childs room. You can have one dragonfly one color and the other dragonfly another color, or have them both the same color. Source: etsy


Digital Print wall art

Digital Print wall art like this bird chevron are readily available through online stires. You can print them on any hard paper to decorate a wall. Source: etsy


Vinyl Wall Art Decal

Vinyl Wall Art is a wall decal of a lovely motif that can fit into any room. It can be displayed as shown or in a row over a window or above a sofa. Source: etsy


Multicolored garland wall decoration

Multicolored garland wall decoration is simplest to create and looks stunningly cute on a blank wall. The piece in picture consists of round paper 5 cm in diameter, hand-sewn with white thread. Randomly selected colored paper in pale pink, lime green, blue gray, mottled Grey. Source: etsy