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Tiger wall art for kids room

Kids love tiger cartoons & they will love this wall art too. Tiger wall art for kids room can be a great source of entertainment & joy for kids. Choose any cartoon character to decorate walls that your kids love.   Source: olx  


Cute cartoon wall decoration

You can’t find any kid on this planet who dislike cartoons. Grab photos of some of your kid’s favourite characters & arrange them in a grid to make a cute cartoon wall decoration for kids room. Enjoy your kids reaction to this idea. Source: olx


Cute wall decoration for kids room

  Twinkle twinkle little star, do you know how loved you are? Such a cute little wall art for kids room. This sticker or decal decoration will leave your guest awestruck. Source: olx


Alphabet wall decoration for kids room

Alphabets are the first thing that you want your kids to learn as soon as they start schooling. Various sizes & colors of letters will be a good choice as wall decoration for kids room. Play with your kids, let them learn & memorize alphabets in an easy way. Source: olx


Wall art for kids room

One will never get short of ideas to decorate kids room. There is so much youu can opt for. Nursery rhymes of lullaby is an interesting wall art choice for kids room. You can choose decals for easy removal of rhymes time & again. Source: olx


Colorful Kids room wall decoration

Kids room wall decoration with a minimalistic approach is good for you as you can change it with growing kids taste. A corner of a room can be turned into play area with this simple wall art. Just a few basic shapes and letters to separate the area. Source: olx


Collage Wall Art

Collage wall art is versatile and stylish way to decorate your walls with beautiful designs which endures an eye-catching ambiance to your living space. Making a collage wall art is quite a simple task and can be made at home to decorate living room or kids room. Source: hometone


Useful Kids room wall decoration

This giraffe scale will be a useful wall decoration in kids room. Growing up kids will love to use to this unique thing in their room to measure height. Arrange kids activity with their friends to measure &  compare height. Source: Fb


Dinosaur wall art for kids room

If your kids room has plain white wall And you think you cannot deocrate it well, you are probably wrong. try using contrasting color cartoon wall decoration. Either paint the cute Dinosaur or use an artsy sticker for transformation. Source:olx