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Inez Candle Sconce


Illuminate your room with Candle Sconce

Add a romantic composition to the walls of your bedroom with our wide collection of candle sconce. Add more beauty and light to your room with a pair of intersecting curve coupled candle sconce.

The gold finish softly reflects a candle light, creating a warm glow. The wall décor will create a perfect ambiance with our flameless ‘Inez Candle Sconce’.

Illuminate the walls of your bedroom with our carefully crafted candle sconce of metal.

<a href=”http://www.ballarddesigns.com/inez-candle-sconce-set-of-2/wall-decor/candle-sconces/356410″ target=”_blank”> Ballard Designs</a>

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  1. Mari Perez-Belt

    i would to buy a pictiure frame that used be on your homepasge, the picture shows like a castle ,a lake in the middle, bushes and trees on both sides, color are teal an green and some browen


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