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Shelf wall decoration

Painting the chairs and table white allows them to blend into the shelving in the background, creating a spacious feel. The combination of color-rich walls and white paint on the ceiling also makes the space look larger. Source: realsimple


Handprint Border Wall Art

What you’ll need Latex paint Masking tape Drop cloth, rags and a bucket of water How to make it Decide where you want your border and, measuring up from the floor, mark off the top and bottom of the border area with masking tape. Using latex paint in primary colors, apply the paint with a […]


Pokemon Card wall decoration

These cute handmade Pokemon cut-outs are perfect for any Pokefan to create the full Pokemon experience around your room, or for a gift for a Pokemon collector you may know. Source: etsy  


Smart wall art

Wall Stickers and Wall Prints or decals are the latest trend in interior design. Revive your walls with a border of Wall Sticker like this. Source: wall-art


Moroccan Wall Stencil

This beautiful Toubkal Lace Allover Stencil is exotic and elegant at the same time. Stencil it in tone-on-tone colors for a delicate lace effect, or paint it in complementing hues for an intricate tile pattern effect. Source: etsy


Paperlicious Wall Decoration

Wallpaper, fabric, and wrapping paper remnants are all perfect fodder for lining the backs of boring bookcases or built-ins for an intresting paperlicious wall decoration in living room. Score a discounted material and start lining for an easy, instant update. Source; bhg


Fireplace wall decoration

A fireplace is the perfect place to create a gathering area. Here, the heavy stone fireplace wall decoration shines among neutral walls and furniture. Dark accents, such as the ottoman and side table, provide contrast so the room doesn’t look washed out. Source: bhg


Sticker Kitchen wall decoration

Sticker kitchen wall decoration is ideal for small spaces of your kitchen. You can have any interesting quote or a dialogue as your center of attraction. Afterall we all love food & our kitchen. Source: nikikitchendesign