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Fancy fabric, from attic to walls

We all have fabrics, shawls and scarves that are too precious to be thrown away and too out-of-fashion to wear. Well, you can put them to good use by getting them framed and preserving them forever. From small chunks to a whole piece, it takes only a modest amount of work to frame it in […]


Fabric Wall Decorating

Fabric wall decorating have been used by peopleĀ in place of wall papers for quite a some time now, the latest trend is much more creative. And you don’t have to invest a lot for decorating wall with fabrics! Cool fabric pieces (that can be waste fabrics also, the left overs after making garments and all […]


Interesting Fabric wall art decoration

What an interesting way it is to use to use fabric with stitching frames as wall decoration. These embroidery wooden frames will lock the fabric tightly giving a firm look. Variable sizes of framse can be used to create fabric wll decoration of a unique kind. Recycle, reuse. Source: ladies-trends


Fabric Wall decoration in Living room

Have an extra ordinary piece or rug that you don’t want to ruin on the floor? Try it as a wall decoration in living room. Rugs or any printed fabric can dazzle up the look of the room. Source: ladies-trends