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Star Wars Logo Wall sticker

Can you hear the Star Wars soundtrack that immediately started in your head, simply because you saw the Star Wars Logo Wall sticker? If so, you are not alone. It is a tune that will be forever connected to this iconic logo and that’s because the films with its laser sword action, battling spaceships and […]


Miami Skyline Wall sticker

The Miami Skyline Wall Sticker perfectly reflects the different sides of this versatile city! From the palm trees at the beach, the motorboat fun on the water to the historical buildings like the freedom tower in the city centre! This piece of decoration would look fantastic above your bed or your sofa! Your guests will be […]


Branch with a Bird Cage Wall sticker

To be free as a bird, to fly to wherever we want to, to do whatever we feel like is one of mankind’s biggest dreams. It is the idea of total freedom and being able to see our world from above. Flying from a tree branch over to the top of the roof of a […]


Butterflies Impression Wall sticker

Just living is not enough,” said the butterfly, “one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.” These beautiful creatures love to flutter through gardens and parks, almost jumping from flower to flower, enjoying the sun on the back of their wings. Who wouldn’t like to be a butterfly sometimes? We can’t turn you into […]


Windy Tree Wall sticker

Watching a tree drift in the wind is one of the wonderful sights Mother Nature creates for us. It’s both, an example on how fragile and robust these wonderful creatures are! They bend in the wind like they are made out of rubber and they seem invincible. And we all know the whistling sound the […]


Wall stickers

Well, there is nothing DIY about this one, except that you will stick them on the wall yourself. You can find such stickers available in stores and pick your style. These delicate wall stickers can make any wall look like a piece of art. Just remember one thing; don’t overdo it. While implementing these ideas […]


Wall Decorating with Picture Arrangement

Picture frames are age old method for decorating walls. However, they can never get stale. You can use framed pictures of anything under the sun- your family photographs, paintings, modern art or anything that gives you a good feeling. Just try to get frames with the same finishes or color. Wall decoration with picture arrangement […]


Fabric Wall Decorating

Fabric wall decorating have been used by people in place of wall papers for quite a some time now, the latest trend is much more creative. And you don’t have to invest a lot for decorating wall with fabrics! Cool fabric pieces (that can be waste fabrics also, the left overs after making garments and all […]


Wall Decorating with Mirror

Mirrors are really beautiful! Using mirror for decorating wall can never become ?the old technique.? Mirrors can bring light all over with just a little caution in placing them. Put a large mirror behind your dining table wall and see how your feasting delight doubles! Or place the same large mirror on your office wall […]