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Basket 1 Wall sticker


Basket 1 Wall sticker

Basketball is a very popular sport in the USA and it becomes more and more popular in Europe. Basketball dates back to 1891, when a Canadian doctor and university lector invented the game to keep his students busy during the winter. He was looking for a game that was more versatile than American football and where the players are less likely to get injured. Basketball is a very passionate sport and the fans are just as passionate about the game. This Basket Wall Sticker is for the fans and players!

Is your teenage son or daughter crazy for basketball? Whether they are players themselves or simply huge fans of the local team – they will love the Basket 1 Wall sticker! Or is it you who is looking for a way to express your love for the game? The Basket 1 Wall sticker is showing a player with the ball in his hand and he’s just about to slam it into the basket – a move all fans love and admire!

The Basket Wall Sticker is available in six different sizes and many different colours! It looks good on any wall or other smooth surfaces and is easily attached!


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