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Frame wall decoration for Kitchen

Framed prints and posters and other traditional forms of wall decor also work well in a kitchen. With plenty of cooking and cleaning going on in the space, placement is paramount. Source: bhg


Brick wall decoration for Living Room

If you have brick walls in living room, rather than covering them with sheets of vanilla drywall, consider making them into a design statement. The warm, natural look and rough texture of exposed brick contrasts contemporary white furnishings beautifully. Source: meredith


Cartoon wall decoration for kids room

Every kid loves cartoon that’s why they are the top choice wall decoration for kids room. Sketch any favourite cartoon character of your kids in the room or use decals or stickers. Source; olx


Simple living room wall decoration

  Create a relaxing & simple living space by painting the walls a soft shade of green. The color will blend perfectly with almost any accent color or design style you choose. This living room keeps it simple with traditional neutral furniture, dark wood accessories, and a splash of blue accents. Source:bhg


Stylish Wall Decoration

Choose a geometric-patterned wallpaper to give a space a bold and modern edge stylish wall decoration. Here, the bright green lines in the wallpaper inspired the color of a smaller room off the kitchen, providing a reverse effect. Source: bhg


WaterColor Wall Decoration for kids room

  This pretty wall decoration can be recreated using inexpensive watercolor paints. Paint the entire surface of the stretched canvas with the color; let dry. To create the flowers, place a nickel-size puddle of watercolor paint in a light tone onto the canvas at the top of one stem. Hold a straw vertically, straight over the top of […]


Art Show wall decoration

A monochromatic color palette allows artwork to shine. In this living room wall decoration photos and paintings stand out against brown walls and dark furniture. Prevent the room from looking too dark by adding splashes of bright color and white lighting. Source: meredith


Activity wall decoration for kids room

Learning is fun when it is through an activity outside the book. Here is a wall decoration idea for kids room that will help them learn & play. Such a nice way to indulge your kids in fun activities.   Source: olx  


Number wall decoration for kids room

Make learning fun for your kids through wall art. Numbers printed on a wall inside kids room will remind him to learn as amny times as he had a look at it. Decals can be used to change wall decoration every now & than with growing kids. Source: olx