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Contemporary Mirror Wall Decoration

Contemporary metal & mirror wall decoration is ideal to lighten up a dull living room interior. Some plain pieces of mirror framed inside a metal frame will do the trick. Use some pebble shaped framed mirrors to create this chic look. Source: ladies-trends.


Two tone Living Room wall decoration

Two tone living room wall decoration is the in thing these days. Pick a base color in lighter shade like white or cream & Jazz it up with a darker color like black or red. Without buying any extra showpiece you can coordinate the tones of your furniture & Tv etc. The simple the better. […]


Funky Mirror Wall Art for Living Room

An artistic way to grace your living room is with such beautiful & funky mirror wall art. Mirror wall decoration for living room enhances the light reflection, increasing beauty of the room. Be funky with mirrors on the wall. Source: ladies-trends


Single painting living room wall decoration

If you have single tone furniture matching with wall paint you can opt for single painting wall decoartion for your living room. Vibrant & contrasting colors in the painting can then be used as accessories with furniture like cushions & rugs. Just some tweaks can do wonder for teh interiors. Source: Emmacgrene


Fancy Lights Living Room Wall Decoration

  Fancy lights living room wall decoration can grab immediate attention of visitors. Just clever placing of some fancy lights on main wall of living room brightens up the interior. Choose wisely & design well. Image Source: Emmacgrene


Modern living room brick wall decoration

Modern living room brick wall decoration is an economical idea to mix contemporary & chic look of your house interiors. It gives a cool & rustic feeling to the room & easy to maintain. Be stylish with your living room wall decoration. Source: Interiorclip


Smart Living room wall decoration

If you think you need to spend a hefty amount to decorate wall of your living room, you are wrong. Look at this minimalistic living room wall decoration for idea. Just few pieces of candles & circular rods can do wonder. Sometimes less is more. Source: Interiorclip


Geometric wall decoration for Living Room

The geometric wall decoration for living room is ideal because of its easy patterns & smart look. One can use only paper or tape to create geometric patterns on a plain wall. Dramatically enhance your interior with this simple yet sleek wall decoration. Source: bhg  


Living Room decoration with Wall Hanging

Wall hangings of variable sizes & shapes, when coordinated well with color scheme of living room furniture can do wonders for interiors. Wall decoration of living room with matching colored wall hangings is an amazing idea. Let your gift items shine in a better place. Source: officehomedesign