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Colored Canvas wall art

Colored canvas wall art is inspiring. Use your favorite words and phrases to inspire you every time you see your artwork. Source: bhg


Painted wall art

Create large-scale painted wall art with leftover paints applied with an eyedropper to a stretched canvas to yield a Jackson Pollock-esque piece. Source: bhg


Clipboard wall art

Dress up a blank wall with paper scraps. Glue paper-punched shapes or die cut embellishments to a piece of coordinating cardstock. Flowers and butterflies in bright blues and greens in this picture create a cheery space. Clip the paper on the clipboard and add riibon to the top of the clipboard. Source: bhg


Coral Print wall art

Coral Prints on mist blue paper looks great as Wall Hangings to decorate a dull wall. Digital art and print is the key. Source: etsy


Geometric Wall Art

Make any blank and dull wall happy with this colorful abstract geometric print wall art. It is great for your living room nursery or office. Source: etsy


Abstract geometric art

This modern abstract geometric wall art print would go great in any room. Play with colors and shapes. Source: etsy


Painted Frame Collage wall decoration

Color makes the world go round! These are perfect hung on a wall or clustered together on a shelf , mantle, dresser – wherever a splash of color is needed! This new “open frame” look is meant to show a display of “Art” on your walls. Source: etsy


Light Switch wall decoration

Decorative decoupaged light switch plate cover to add a little fun to your rooms wall decoration. Tranquil tiles is a paper pattern image of tiles in various shades of blue. They are not actual tiles but they look good. Source: etsy


Paisley Motif Stencil Wall Art

Paisley Motif Stencil Wall Art looks stunning and regal on walls of living room. If you have vintage wooden sofas with similar print, these stencils will make your living room look royal. Source: etsy