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DIY Mirror Wall Decoration with Tiles

Own a designer mirror wall decoration piece  by designing it yourself at home. Decorate the edges of a plain mirror with textured or painted tiles like this one & Voila! Your own exclusive wall art is ready to grace the walls of living room. Source: dullesglassandmirror


Stylish Mirror Wall Decoration

Stylish mirror wall decoration can add a bling to any wall of the house. Use variable size of mirrors on the edges of a wire. This will give a classy designer look to the interiors. Source: alibaba


Creative Wall Decoration

Two contrasting color tones with the same painting, sticker or wall hanging will create a nice ambiance. Indeed a creative wall decoration idea for a living room. Be creative when you decorate your house. Source: plushemisphere


Textured Wall decoration for Living room

Textures paints are the in thing these days. Without spending bucks on any kind of decoration item, just paint the wall of attraction. Textured wall decoratiuon in the middle of living room will do wonder. Simplicity is the best in such theme. Don’t over do with textures. Source: emmamcgrene


Living room corner wall Decoration

  Cluttering wall decorations in the middle of the room is so mainstream.  Try decorating only the corner of living room instead. Wall hangings or beautiful photo frames will enhance the room interiors. Try something new. Source: ornamentalmirrors 


Fabric Wall Decoration

Printed fabric wall decoration in living room is another exciting thing to try. Use vibrant colored prints, get them framed and aligned in a row, just around the center point of living room. Color scheme is the most important thing in this case. Source: emmamcgrene


Contemporary Mirror Wall Decoration

Contemporary metal & mirror wall decoration is ideal to lighten up a dull living room interior. Some plain pieces of mirror framed inside a metal frame will do the trick. Use some pebble shaped framed mirrors to create this chic look. Source: ladies-trends.


Two tone Living Room wall decoration

Two tone living room wall decoration is the in thing these days. Pick a base color in lighter shade like white or cream & Jazz it up with a darker color like black or red. Without buying any extra showpiece you can coordinate the tones of your furniture & Tv etc. The simple the better. […]


Funky Mirror Wall Art for Living Room

An artistic way to grace your living room is with such beautiful & funky mirror wall art. Mirror wall decoration for living room enhances the light reflection, increasing beauty of the room. Be funky with mirrors on the wall. Source: ladies-trends