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Paper star garland wall hanging

White paper stars for wall hanging decoration. The paper has been hand cut, crinkled, machine sewn and stuffed with cotton fill. A whimsical decoration for a child’s room, baby shower or holiday decoration. Or add it to a happy place in your home. It is sure to make you smile! Source: etsy


Crochet Bunting Garland wall decor

Do you love bunting? This cute garland is perfect for embellishment your wall, baby shower, nursery decoration…, or just have it in that special place as a treasure. Sourc: etsy


Tissue Paper Pom Pom wall Decals

These cheerful and whimsical two-toned pom-pom flower stick -on’s that will add a wonderful element to a nursery, children’s room, gifts, birthdays, and many more! Source: etsy


Fabric wall art

This is one of the most inexpensive ways to cover a large wall. Pick up a large canvas from your local craft store (they are often 40-50% off) and then head to the fabric store for a piece of fabric large enough to cover the canvas and edges. Staples the fabric to the wooden edges […]


Paint plate wall art

Just a few splasehes & strokes of colors on white plates can look fabulous as wall art. Us e your aesthetic sense to create a nice looking paint plate wall art like this one. Source: architechtureartdesign


Abstract Fabric wall decoration

Layered, textured frames of fabrics in various colors can make an awesome Abstract Fabric wall decoration for living room. Create any kind of pattern you want or copy above 🙂 Source: architectureartdesign


Circle wall art

Such a lovely Circle wall art for kids room that kids can make also. USe canvas for spreading and overlapping circles of contrast shades. Source: architectureartdesign


Dry Flower wall decoration

  This quintessential way to display dried flowers is with a drying rack on your wall! It brings forth all of the ambiance of nature, a simpler way of life and it exudes charm. Source: etsy


Paper wall art

This pixelated paper wall art is not at all ahrd to do at home. Use rectangular pieces of paper in different shades of a color to create the pixel effect with lighter and darker tones. Source: architechtureartdesigns